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MWH, now part of Stantec


MWH has demonstrated its commitment to Turkey as one of very few multinational consulting companies to establish its own registered Turkish company employing Turkish nationals. MWH Turkey started in 1999 in Ankara as a consulting engineering company to provide services in the field of water resources, energy, hydroelectric engineering, environmental and infrastructure projects in Turkey. Since 2010, the office has moved to Istanbul where it is now home to a team more than 50 experts. MWH Turkey recently opened a new operation office in the capital city, Ankara, in 2015. There, local and international experts closely work with Ministries to provide technical assistance in water, energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

For EBRD projects, MWH Turkey is not only responsible for projects in Turkey but also in Balkan Countries (including Serbia), Turkic Republics and coastal North Africa. Among several on-going projects, MWH is leading three sustainable energy credit lines – TurSEFF (Turkish Sustainable Energy Efficiency Financing Program), MidSEFF (Mid-size Sustainable Energy Financing Program), TuREEFF (Turkish Residential Energy Efficiency Financing Program) and EgyptSEFF (Sustainable Energy Financing Program in Egypt) – on behalf of the EBRD to support Turkish and International businesses in developing green energy initiatives. MWH Turkey is the leading technical consultancy for Erzurum Water and Wastewater Project funded by European Commission. Previously, It has developed a drainage survey and hydrogeology assessment study for a US military installation; and it helped the Municipality of Ihsaniye identify the best corrective actions to protect and exploit groundwater resources in a sustainable way. MWH Turkey is also leading Tajikistan-Small Business Climate Resilience FF, Policy Gap Analysis and Energy Efficiency Program Evaluation in Turkey, Turkish Ziraat Bank Energy Efficiency Program, Turkish Yapikredi Bank Leasing- Solar Energy Project Technical Consultancy, Consulting Services for Development of Renewable Energy Sector for EU harmonization process, Consulting Services for Energy Efficiency for EU harmonization process, Technical Assistance for Assessment of Drinking Water Resources and Treatment Plants and beyond.