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Company Overview

In today’s era of seamless economic and social engagement that transcends nationalities, political boundaries and geographical distance, MWH, now part of Stantec, is truly one global community. We are a 24-hour-per-day enterprise. Distances are collapsing. Globalization is going forward. We are better, stronger and more capable because of the blending of cultures, work ethic, intellect and education – and together we accept our solemn responsibility.

Our goal is to remain the gold standard of the water and natural resources sectors – where engineering and construction are only part of what we do.

As a fully integrated worldwide company, our organization and our people are aligned with the critical needs of a fast-changing planet. Our global platform allows us to move the best technologies around the world to the point of need for our clients, no matter where they are. Our position and service offerings in countries around the world are broad, deep and respected by both our peers and our clients.

We are committed to a more sustainable and efficient use of resources in our own communities and throughout the world. It’s about doing our work better to help ensure that we keep our planet blue for future generations.

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MWH, now part of Stantec: In Brief

  • There are offices in 35 countries – operating in six continents
  • We are approximately 22,000 leaders, managers, consultants, policy and project advocates, information technology wizards, and economists, statisticians, public relations professionals and financial experts.
  • 5,200 students participated in MWH Climate Change Education efforts in 2010
  • 60% of fresh water was saved and reused by the water-saving basins in the new lock system for the Panama Canal expansion project.
  • Our heritage dates back to 1820 when the Ames Crosta Company was founded and later acquired by Biwater Services, Ltd.  Biwater Services (now called MWH Treatment), a U.K. Construction and Engineering Firm, was acquired by MWH in 2010. MWH was acquired by Stantec in 2016.