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Our Purpose & Core Values

dreamstime_9820Blending of Culture, Work Ethic, Intellect and Education

Our MWH culture is first, last and always about our people.  Caring, respectful relationships are the key to a sustainable future, both for our business and for the planet it serves. We are dedicated to fostering such relationships with our clients, the local communities we serve and the people who make up our organization. Guided and empowered by our purpose and core values, we will steer a steady course toward making a positive and lasting impact on the future of our planet and generations to come.

Our Purpose

We better the lives of those we touch and improve communities around the world through our personal and professional contributions.

Our Core Values

Our employees are our greatest assets and we will grow, inspire and protect them. MWH is committed to actively encouraging diversity through our people and our activities, as we truly believe in the value of a diverse workforce to both inspire our people and grow our business. We will be uncompromising in our determination to achieve product excellence and, in turn, improve the world’s quality of life. Our everyday work is focused on reducing impacts to the environment and improving society, while meeting client needs with superior project design and delivery.
We are committed to being involved citizens, both as a business and as individuals, in improving the communities where we reside and work. We want to leave a positive legacy in the communities we work in. Our reputation as a trustworthy business partner is critical to our business success. Honesty, professionalism, ethical behavior and integrity with our staff and clients. Our reputation with them is paramount to our success as is our technical leadership reputation. Our business goals are only met when we mutually make our clients successful and are fairly rewarded. By getting all these right, delivered through our project management, quality, safety, health and environmental management systems, we serve our clients’ needs successfully.