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Corporate Governance

MWH Corporate GovernanceHow MWH Global Conducts Business

Our reputation as a top engineering company and trustworthy business partner is critical to our success and is determined by how every MWH Global employee conducts business. Honesty, professionalism, ethical behavior and integrity with our staff, clients and teammates are the cornerstones of our reputation. In that regard, MWH understands the importance of maintaining compliance with the laws, rules and regulations that govern our businesses.

The role of the Board of Directors of MWH Global, Inc. is to oversee the company’s strategy, performance, compliance, and communication with our stockholders. In all of these key activities, our Directors are expected to consider the best interests of the company’s stockholders and exercise their business judgment. The Board has developed a set of Corporate Governance Guidelines that summarize the primary policies and procedures of the MWH Global, Inc. Board of Directors. These guidelines are evaluated to from time to time to ensure that they address new facts and circumstances and evolving corporate governance issues.

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