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Our goal is to remain the gold standard of the water and natural resources sectors – where engineering and construction are only part of what we do. Over the decades we have expanded our core competencies from water and wastewater into a wide range of environmental and business services.

We are a multi-disciplined global team of program managers, business consultants, operators, scientists, technologists and regulatory experts all contributing toward providing our clients effective solutions that reflect best practices in knowledge, experience and innovation.

We invite you to search for current vacancies and submit a resume online. To begin, please select a region from the interactive map below.

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UK USA N Europe Latin America S Europe Middle East Africa Greater China India Singapore, Brunai, Vietnam & Malaysia Australia New Zealand Canada

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Australia contact Fiona Lamb +61 3 8855 6045

Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam and Malaysia contact Yvonne Wong +65 6643 6530



New Zealand contact Margaret McMeel +64 09 5804502

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