MWH Finance Institutions & InsurersEnhancing Quality of Life with Global Engineering Solutions

Our team of experts supports international financing institutions, including World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and European Investment Bank, and Aid Agencies, such as EuropeAid, Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in implementing development programs in emerging and developing countries. Our global engineering solutions, including design engineering, design management services and environmental engineering consulting, ultimately contribute to improving quality of life for local populations.

Our mission is to improve delivery of aid programs by providing high-quality consulting services in institutional strengthening, capacity building, design, procurement and construction supervision for water, wastewater, energy, and waste projects. As part of our activities, we also offer management support and monitoring and evaluation of large programs.

Furthermore, MWH consults with and supports national and international banks in their activities and decision-making prior to the ‘financial close’ of major environmental and infrastructural projects funded through project financing mechanisms.

In today’s market, where the stakeholders in projects can be from several different countries, MWH has in-depth knowledge and understanding of international contractual and regulatory standards.

Partnering to Enhance Quality of Life across the Globe

It’s easy to talk about saving the planet for future generations. At MWH, we are addressing this every day. From China to Jordan, from India to Ethiopia, we have worked for decades with international lending and donor institutions to store, move, conserve and purify water for the health, livelihood and security of people around the world.

We are proud of our role in developing wet infrastructure and other climate change related programs that are essential to growth, economic and social development, poverty reduction and equity on a plant that is expected to support an estimated nine billion people by 2050.

Engineering, Environmental Consulting, Design Management Services and More

As an integrated global company, we provide the full range of engineering, construction, technical, management and environmental consulting resources required for important projects around world, including climate change, water, wastewater and energy and other infrastructural projects ranging from parks and hospitals to airports and roads.

Our clients include all of the major international funding agencies, donor organizations and credit institutes, including the World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Investment Bank, Asian Development Bank, the European Commission, United Nations, United States Agency for International Development, the UK Department for International Development and other major national and international banks.

We offer lending and donor institutions the following critical expertise:

  • Extensive experience managing hundreds of large, complex, multidisciplinary programs.
  • Familiarity with the latest environmental regulations, local planning rules, health and safety legislation and permitting and authorization procedures.
  • In-depth understanding of geographical, geological, and geopolitical issues.
  • A long history developing and implementing institutional strengthening, capacity-building and institutional and policy reform programs in developing countries throughout the world.
  • Preparation of environmental and resettlement planning documents for evaluating the suitability of large infrastructure projects, including hydroelectric and pumped storage projects.
  • Long-time relationships and partnerships with local contractors, subcontractors and employees with detailed local and regional knowledge.
  • Extensive interagency, stakeholder and media coordination experience.
  • Numerous project awards, outstanding client ratings and commendations for successfully controlling costs, delivering quality work and meeting tight schedules.
  • Supervision during the construction, closure and acceptance phases of projects funded through project financing.
  • Project reviews, construction timing analysis, capital and operating cost analysis, environmental issues analysis, risk analysis and a number of regulatory framework analyses.