Private Sector ClientsFirst class engineering solutions for multiple private sector challenges

Operating in 35 countries around the world, MWH implements practical ideas and develops innovative solutions to help industrial clients manage critical global challenges of the 21st century.  MWH provides comprehensive environmental, health and safety consulting, engineering, construction, program management, and business solutions services throughout the business life-cycle.

The company focuses on the following industrial sectors:

MWH helps clients meet their business goals by providing the strategies, tools, and expertise to effectively identify and manage environmental risk while leveraging opportunities to improve performance – allowing our clients to concentrate on running their core business.

General Manufacturing

General Manufacturing ClientsIn response to a dynamic global market place, general manufactures are continuously aligning their product offerings and the geographic footprint of their manufacturing operations. The transformation of their operations must incorporate sustainable thinking and clean manufacturing to maintain a social license to operate.  MWH offers a full range of environmental, health and safety services to assist clients during each stage of the business lifecycle – from permitting and compliance support during acquisition and new facility construction, to minimization of water, energy and waste during operation, to management of environmental liabilities during facility decommissioning, demolition, and land cleanup.


Aerospace ClientsThe growing demand for commercial aircraft, along with technology innovations that improve safety, security, and efficiency, continue to fuel growth in the aerospace industry.  With a long history of supporting aerospace clients, MWH has completed projects at engines, aircraft assembly, avionics, and repair and overhaul service facilities around the world.  Typical services provided to our aerospace clients include environmental, health and safety due diligence (acquisition/divestiture), compliance auditing, wastewater treatment system evaluations/engineering, energy efficiency services, facility transition support, environmental site assessments, and soil and groundwater remediation.


Chemical ClientsAs the economic recovery continues, both the basic and specialty chemicals markets have returned to growth.  In this competitive market, the chemical industry must respond to environmental and safety concerns being raised by government and non-governmental organizations and new environmental, health and safety regulations aimed at product safety and sustainable production.  In response to these drivers, chemical companies are improving their governance structures while optimizing production to develop sustainable and competitive products.   MWH helps chemical sector clients achieve these goals by providing environmental, health and safety due diligence and auditing services, environmental planning and permitting support, process safety management assessments, water efficiency and wastewater engineering, and environmental, health and safety compliance support during new facility construction and facility closure/consolidation.

Health Care

Health Care ClientsCompanies in the health care sector are responding to global population growth aging baby boomers.  In addition to these market drivers, healthcare reforms, austerity measures, and increased competition are challenges to companies bringing their products to market.  At the product level, consumer and investor awareness drives product stewardship initiatives including environmentally conscious health care and pharmaceutical products, sustainable packaging and associated take-back programs.  At the plant level, efforts to optimize water use, maximize energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and minimize waste are resulting in significant improvements in plant operational efficiency while protecting the environment, increase profitability, and enhancing the company’s social license to operate.

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage ClientsThe Food and Beverage sector must respond to food security, health and welfare, water scarcity, resource efficiency, or environmental compliance while improving operational efficiency in order to maintain a competitive position in the market.  MWH has the in-house capabilities to support food and beverage clients in implementing efficient solutions to create value within their organizations while protecting brand reputation.  Services provided to Food and Beverage clients include water supply evaluations, water audits, water reduction/reuse strategies, and wastewater treatment design/construction.


Mining ClientsAs one of the world’s leading water-focused consulting firms for the mining industry, MWH brings value to mining clients throughout the mine life-cycle, with services to support new mine development, expansion, operations, closure, reclamation, and remediation services. Its expertise in engineering, design, construction management, and environmental services help mining companies meet their development, production and efficiency targets in a safe and cost efficient manner. MWH brings best management practices and practical solutions to the complex mining engineering and water-related issues that mine operators face, making it a trusted mining services company.Learn more >>

Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas ClientsMWH has a long track record in the oil and gas field. Its experts assist major producers at projects around the globe to solve their environmental, health and safety challenges.  MWH provides environmental and engineering services at all stages of the production lifecycle.  Its services span exploration and production, transmission and storage, processing, refining and retail operations. Additionally, MWH experts understand all aspects of industry-specific EHS compliance requirements, community and stakeholder management and remediation programs. Learn more >>

Hydropower and Dams

Hydropower & Dams ClientsMWH offers world-class hydropower and dams experience and staff expertise unrivaled in the industry. Its superb reputation has been earned by delivering projects in 35 countries on six continents. Since 1920, MWH has designed more than 140 new hydroelectric projects with a total installed capacity of 70,000 MW.  MWH’s focus is on providing sustainable solutions for our clients, whether through the construction of new facilities or improving the safety and efficiencies of existing projects.   Its sustainable and economic solutions minimize the impact of hydropower and dam facilities on the environment and surrounding communities while providing owners with safe and reliable long-term performance. Learn more >>