Public & Private Utilities

MWH Water Treatment & Water Storage

Delivering Value, Long Term Efficiency and Sustainability

Since one of our founders developed the first pressurized clean water supply available with the turn of a tap in Great Britain in 1820, we have served public and private utilities worldwide. From water treatment, water storage and energy transmission, to renewable energy infrastructure, we are helping utility operators meet the challenges of high demand, aging infrastructure, increasingly complex regulation and management issues along with the growing need for sustainable operations.

We are delivering value, long-term efficiency and sustainable infrastructure using our expertise in strategic consulting, technology implementation, engineering, project and program management, construction services and institutional capacity development. As a global leader in the wet infrastructure industry, we have:

  • Provided world-class planning, program management, engineering, construction and operations expertise for hundreds of water system projects of all sizes.
  • Provided construction and construction management services on more than $4 billion in alternative delivery wet infrastructure projects in the past 10 years.
  • Provided global leadership in emerging technologies, including energy recovery and efficiency, water reuse and recycling, resource efficiency management, membrane technologies for desalination, solar power infrastructure, carbon foot-printing and carbon-reduction measures.
  • Successfully helped utilities of all sizes implement proactive, long-range master planning and regulatory-driven compliance programs – often in high-pressure, politically charged environments.
  • Provided integrated approaches to biosolids handling and management, including issues such as odor control, biosolids processing and energy-from-waste.
  • Recommended to our clients smart, efficient planning, design and construction methods and helped off-set millions of dollars in construction costs through successful pursuit and administration of state and federal grant funding.
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