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Industrial & Commercial

Construction Project Management Engineering and Construction Services that Meet 21st Century Challenges

Major industrial companies employ millions of people around the globe, work with heavy machinery and chemicals, consume significant quantities of energy and water and require factories and machinery to convert raw materials into goods and products. They also produce air emissions, waste materials, and excess heat that may pose environmental, safety and social challenges. MWH, now part of Stantec, works closely with industrial and commercial clients to address these challenges and improve business performance.

We assist our clients in facing multiple challenges and global trends:

We are experts in strategic consulting and business process reviews to ensure HSE governance risks are identified and managed. Our integrated global workforce ensure that our client have access to the unique and specialized knowledge of any MWH expert in the world to identify and develop solutions that manage risk and leverage opportunities. We have helped global corporations save millions of dollars during acquisitions, expansions, and divestiture of facilities and businesses.

MWH supports its clients by providing advice and conducting studies aimed at preventing or limiting resource consumption and waste generation.  Our experience with energy efficiency and renewable energy assists client in meeting sustainability goals while lowering manufacturing costs and improving competitive advantage.  Our solutions for cost-effective water recycling and reuse helps clients optimize water demand, water use, and manage water supply risks. Finally, MWH has a very strong track record in identifying and minimizing waste and in finding the best end solutions for recycling waste streams.

With years of global auditing experience, we work closely with clients to develop and conduct compliance audit programs to improve environmental, health and safety performance. Through our understanding of local and regional operating practices, processes and regulations, we help industrial clients meet stringent regulations for health, safety, air emissions, liquid discharges, soil and other media clean-up at industrial sites.

Because of MWH’s broad industry experience, we can assist clients face reputational risks connected with their global operations and develop effective corporate social responsibility approaches. We proactively support clients in managing stakeholder relationships throughout the project lifecycle. Moreover, our audit protocol allows us to assess our client’s suppliers focusing on EHS and social aspects such as labor rights, ethics policy, discrimination, human rights, child labor, salary and overtime. Using a risk-based approach, we categorize unacceptable practices and assign them an order of magnitude of potential brand reputation damage.

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