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A Mining Services and Consulting Company for a Growing World

MWH offers the experience and knowledge to help mining companies meet difficult technical challenges unique to their industry in a practical and reliable manner. We assist our clients as they balance operational efficiency with the requirements of good stewardship and environmental sustainability.

From sustainable water management and natural resources engineering to mine remediation, MWH provides comprehensive consulting, engineering, construction, quality assurance and program management services to the mining industry around the world. As a leading mining consulting firm, we apply our global expertise and knowledge to assist the world’s largest mining companies with their environmental, water and infrastructure projects. We bring value throughout the mine life cycle through our innovative solutions, as well as vast global industry knowledge of all stages of mining operations. Our strong culture of project management is supported by proven cost, schedule and quality control systems.

We appreciate that mining companies are now mining ever lower ore grades and understand the constraints – water, power, costs and social license – that this creates. MWH is at the forefront of making smart use of water within the sector. We have proven that well-planned site water management can be sustainable, environmentally-friendly and cost effective, and sometimes that deciding component of a mine’s success, as the industry and the world strives to balance the use of the Earth’s resources with ecologically sound practices.

We are committed to Building a Better World by providing mining services and solutions that help clients address key issues efficiently and improve sustainable operating practices. As part of these solutions, we:

  • Recognize that health and safety are paramount and understand mining industry practices, processes and environmental safety requirements, which contribute to our excellent safety record.
  • Meet our clients’ schedules and budgets and view every project with an eye toward smart solutions that provide practical value to operators. Our depth of expertise and experience around the world allow us to bring technical insight to each mining project.
  • Bring practical know-how from having worked on the world’s most technologically challenging mining projects to each of our clients’ projects.
  • Integrate sustainable engineering practices into our designs and projects as part of our commitment to our clients’ success, our mutual responsibility to stewardship of the Earth’s resources and our commitment to minimizing impact on surrounding communities.
  • Are passionately engaged in helping our clients maintain positive community relations and provide social relations and outreach services to communities and other stakeholders.
  • Hire the most capable people and provide them with the best training and tools to provide the outstanding client service our culture demands.

Quality Engineering and Innovation for the Oil & Gas Industry

MWH scientists and engineers deliver practical results and innovative solutions to the global oil and gas industry. Our expertise and ability to successfully execute projects extends throughout the industry’s operations sectors, spanning exploration and production, transmission and storage, processing, refining and retail operations. We understand and appreciate all aspects of industry-specific practices, processes and compliance requirements. MWH is technology neutral but aware, enabling our teams to implement the most appropriate options for a given concern. Our professionals maximize opportunities to implement best management practices that facilitate life-cycle cost savings and liability reduction. We perform our work with the support of rigorous health and safety practices and awareness.

MWH Services to the Oil & Gas Industry:

  • Water/wastewater management, storage, transmission and treatment
  • Environmental planning, permitting and compliance
  • Water quality, hydrogeology, hydrology and biochemistry
  • Ecology and natural resources management
  • Remediation, D&D and closure
  • Civil, geotechnical and energy infrastructure development
  • Asset and program management

MWH personnel are skilled and experienced in the entire suite of produced (associated) water management options, including injection and disposal wells; off-loading and conveyance facilities; storage systems and impoundments; various levels of treatment such as the removal of hydrocarbons, solids, soluble organics and/or total dissolved solids to allow for reuse or discharge; and the most viable technologies applicable to meet those goals.

Safety First Culture

Safety comes first for our employees, clients and project participants. This is reflected in our policies, practices and statistics. MWH clients can rest assured that MWH personnel will deliver the safest project possible.

Mobile Pilot Plant for Produced Water

Management and treatment of produced water and frac flowback is fundamental to the industry and is a key services provided by MWH. To provide for timely testing and selection of the best treatment processes, MWH offers the option of using a mobile pilot unit to determine the processes required to design a complete and effective treatment system.

The flexibility of the mobile unit allows MWH engineers to efficiently determine the best treatment processes for reuse or discharge of produced water and frac flowback, while reducing client costs and environmental impact.