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Ports, Waterways & Coastal

Coastal RestorationBoosting the Global Economy While Keeping Coastlines Green

The world’s ports, waterways and coastal areas are the arteries that keep the global economy operating. They also provide insight into the health of our planet. MWH is a world leader in designing, managing and building marine and port facilities, including port infrastructure, locks, dams, levees, pump stations, canals, spillways, culverts and sea outfalls, while improving the quality of life of nearby residents. As our ports expand and improve the way goods are transported around the world to a booming population in a growing global economy, we offer innovative, sustainable solutions and port construction services that meet challenges.

An estimated 40 percent of the world’s population lives within 60 miles of the coast, which makes our work critical. We have extensive experience in coastal restoration and coastal reclamation, as we protect, create, enhance and maintain shorelines and wetlands through planning, design, evaluation, hydraulics and hydrology studies, dredging and sediment treatment, structural and general engineering, construction and construction oversight, implementation, maintenance, operations and monitoring. Since 1990, we have completed more than 300 coastal, restoration, shoreline, ecosystem, wetland and water resources projects in the United States alone.

MWH works on some of the biggest port, dam rehabilitation and canal engineering projects in the world, from the Panama Canal to the Great Lakes, which have immense impact on global commerce. We use the latest processes, technologies and worldwide best practices for all our coastal projects, including cutting-edge ecosystem restoration programs such as the Everglades Restoration Plan and a wide range of California coastline projects.

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