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Panama Canal Supersized

We are proud to announce that “Panama Canal Supersized” a Modern Marvels special featuring the Panama Canal Expansion Third Set of Locks debuted on April 11, 2015 on the History Channel. The documentary is only available in the U.S., but it will reach the international audience at a later point.

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Panama Canal Supersized

This project is the type filmmakers dream of working on because we have the opportunity to share a unique and powerful story of an engineering wonder and make it real.

Bill Ferehawk

producer and co-founder, Radiant Features

Panama Canal Supersized in the News

Radiant Features Brings Ambition and Innovation to “Panama Canal Supersized”

Radiant Features filmmakers Dylan Robertson and Bill Ferehawk seamlessly integrate time lapse, drone and regular photography with full immersive sound in a fast-paced, one-hour narrative. Memorable sequences include a tour through the underground channels while water rushes in, a concrete pour ten stories high, and the fabrication of the jumbo gates in Italy.  The one-hour special features seven MWH engineers who describe the feats taken to build this world wonder. Read More…

Post Perspective: Modern Marvels’ takes on the Panama Canal Expansion Project, written by Randi Altman

postPerspectiveHave you noticed just how casually people throw around the word “epic” these days? For example, “That burrito I just ate was epic!” Or, “That concert I went to last night was epic.” For the record, those things are not epic. What truly is epic? The new Panama Canal expansion project that has been documented via a Modern Marvels special on the History Channel. Read More…