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Transportation Engineering

Transportation Engineering and PlanningTransporting the World, from New Zealand to New York

MWH, now part of Stantec, is passionate about helping its clients develop and manage their transportation assets and systems to reflect rapidly changing financial and cultural requirements. We provide integrated, whole-of-life solutions that are appropriate to local needs and reflect world best-practice in terms of efficiency, reliability and sustainability. Our portfolio of projects, from road maintenance, engineering and construction to transportation infrastructure, demonstrates the breadth and depth of our global capabilities, while our many award wins point to our proven performance in delivery.

Our expertise comes from over 40 years in the planning, design and construction management of international transport projects. Collectively we have successfully delivered projects for new and upgraded subways, metropolitan and light railways, motorways, rural roads, canals and public transport facilities in Asia Pacific, Americas and Europe.

Our network and asset management expertise and supporting tools are world-class. We have set the global benchmark for managing and optimizing the maintenance and operation of urban and rural road networks, and are rapidly building a strong reputation for our asset recovery programs, particularly helping communities rebuild their transport assets after natural disasters.

MWH is committed to sustainable transport and provides a full range of consulting services for the design and delivery of busways, park-and-ride facilities, as well as bicycle and pedestrian strategies and infrastructure.

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The Economic Network Plan

Roads provide the lifelines that link our communities and are the conduit for economic activity. But roads are very costly. The Economic Network Plan can help you optimize your road network so you can do more with less.

Transportation Team Restored Damaged Roads

After years of flooding, Queensland, Australia authorities asked us to help reconnect the region’s damaged road system. Significant rain events in the area resulted in flooding that caused major infrastructure damage. In addition to the road repair we ensured that the coal industry in the area could be restarted again.

MWH Transportation Services

Our transportation services cover the lifecycle of transport assets, from initial investigations and modeling, through to the maintenance and operational management of networks. Examples of how we are meeting our clients’ needs and building a better transport world include:


  • Project management, traffic modeling, transport planning and engineering design for the extensions to the Gold Coast Rapid Transit light rail project in the Gold Coast, Australia.
  • The development of internationally recognized road safety tools, research and guidance, including KiwiRAP and KAT and the High Risk Rural Roads Guide, both of which help road asset managers better target investment to improve safety on New Zealand roads.
  • Program management and engineering design for the disaster recovery works, the largest of six alliance contracts for flood-affected regions of Queensland, Australia.
  • More than 15 years’ experience managing road maintenance contracts across more than 15,000km of state highways and local roads in New Zealand.
  • Designing more than 1,650km of provincial roads in 18 mountainous and coastal provinces of northern Vietnam, during the Vietnam Provincial Roads Improvement Project, Southeast Asia.
  • Achieving significant cost savings in the underground station design solution, when undertaking all civil, structural, electrical, mechanical and architectural design for three stations on the Red Line of Washington D.C.’s Metro rail subway system, North America.
  • Providing the preliminary and final design to reconstruct Route 59 in Clarkstown and Spring Valley, New York, from four to six lanes with a continuous median. The corridor had been listed as having one of the highest accident rates in the State and included the busiest intersection in Rockland County.