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What is myPlant™?

myPlant™ is the only real time solution that uses integrated mass and energy balance to improve energy performance of treatment plants.

Leaner & Greener

Utility companies need to be efficient and environmentally responsible to thrive in today’s global economy. Learn how operational data, analytics, visualization and decision support tools can help drive better decisions for clients, regulators, shareholders and the public.

myPlant™ uses integrated mass and energy balance to improve energy performance


reducing energy consumption

Reducing Energy Consumption

Quick and intuitive tools help asset managers and operators reduce energy consumption, improve sustainability and lower cost.


empowering operators

Empowering Operators

myPlant™ allows plant changes to be made by the right people at the right time. Areas of opportunity are not just identified, but can be acted on quickly and effectively.

Leveraging Smart Data

Leveraging Smart Data

Data relevance and reliability is critical to informed decision making, Replacing static, historic and statistical models with variable models that simulate real conditions is key to understanding assess performance, reducing asset failure and lowering cost.

understanding tradeoffs

Understanding Tradeoffs

Risk-based scenario planning tools help operators and asset managers understand economic and operating tradeoffs without having to make operating procedure changes.

Improving Decision Making

Improving Decision Making

Maintaining and improving operational information and performance gives water companies a competitive edge. Baseline and trend data supports real-time target setting and ensures that operational improvements can be measured and met.

closing the information gap

Closing the Information Gap

Giving asset managers and operators a shared data platform leads to better business decisions. Combining real time performance data with data analytics ensures that cause and effect can be modeled and decisions prioritized based on practicality and getting the best return.


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