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Asset Optimization

The Complexity of Effective Decision Making

Ken Gedman, Director at MWH talks to the Institute of Water about the benefits of balanced decision making for UK water companies to deliver optimum value and services to customers. Ken talks about why he believes it is paramount that water companies balance a range... read more

‘Who cares wins’ – optimising asset maintenance in AMP6

An optimised approach for the operation, maintenance and long-term care of assets is becoming more important for companies in the UK to adopt in the face of challenges created by the new regulatory framework. As focus is being placed on outputs as well as outcomes,... read more

Unlocking Data to Achieve Smarter Outcomes

Written by Mike Flatters, New Initiatives and Innovation Manager at MWH Global. Effective infrastructure management relies on making sound evidence based decisions. Decision makers need access to the right information or data, in the right format, at the right time so... read more

IT-Enabled Change: Demonstrating Success

Glenn Fawcett, director of business transformation services Asset owners are continually striving to do more with less and often see technology as the catalyst for change; however, demonstrating a return on IT investments is proving elusive to many agencies. Adopting... read more

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