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Clean Energy

Economics of Water Report – 2nd Edition

Tapping into the Water-Energy Nexus Water is a vital element of our economy and energy resources – it’s a driving force behind the utility, manufacturing and agriculture industries, among others. Water generates energy to help power our planet, and it helps create... read more

Hydropower to bind East Africa

Power trading on the continent has been scant with most of the energy trading pools on the continent serving as mere tokens of what could be achieved if policymakers took a larger regional or, more importantly, a pan-Africa approach to energy planning. This is despite... read more

Climate Science Considered?

There is little evidence suggesting that climate change information is taken into account by governments, the civil sector and private companies in Africa when making critical near, mid and long term investment decisions regarding development strategies, techniques... read more

Africa’s Growth Discussed in Rwanda

The 26th World Economic Forum on Africa – held in Kigali, Rwanda from 11 to 13 May and attended by 1,500 delegates – brought together regional and global leaders from business, government and civil society to discuss digital economy catalysts that can drive... read more

Keys to Off-Grid Success

Have two Swedish researchers found the answers to successful implementation and management of off-grid hydropower provision not only in Tanzania but elsewhere in Africa? That remains an open question for now. Helene Ahlborg and Martin Sjöstedt of the Chalmers... read more

Energy Grid De-coupling Trends

While there is a growing trend in Africa to implement utility-scale renewable energy projects supplying power to national grids, “decoupling” is an emerging trend that allows buildings, suburbs and even districts to source electrical power independent of national... read more

Hydropower Uncertainties in Africa

In Sub-Saharan Africa, hydropower is regularly ranked the most economically viable large scale source of energy. In most countries in the region, it is one of the top sources of power alongside coal, gas and diesel fired power stations. Africa as a whole has... read more

Power Drives Africa’s Integration

Regional integration is essential to Africa’s growth. Of all the key infrastructure sectors – transport, energy, water and information communications technologies – power is taking the lead in connecting the continent. Many experts believe that large power generation... read more

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