Clean Energy

Drones Used as Sentinels of Photovoltaic Plants

There is a new monitoring system for photovoltaic installations based on the use of light remote-controlled aircraft: drones. It is the result of the work of a research team from the Milan Politecnico University, which has recently been awarded with publication on the... read more

Giving Credit to Energy

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) was the first international financial institution that set up an internal team of experts on issues related to energy efficiency and climate change in 2006. The institution launched a very ambitious program... read more

Balancing the Renewable Energy Grid

Mario Finis, Energy and Industry North America Operational Leader, recently penned an op-ed featured on the Colorado Biz website.   This piece focuses on the need for a balanced renewable energy and argues the case for hydropower. “Hydropower is currently the... read more

Dams of the U.S.: A Pictorial Display of Landmark Dams

MWH Dam Practice Leader, Glenn Tarbox was the technical editor for the USSD’s “Dams of the United States” produced for the 2013 International Commission on Large Dams conference held in Seattle, WA.   This book provides a general overview of some of the most notable,... read more

How To Utilize Nutrients To Your Advantage

Using nitrogen and phosphorus to create algal biomass may be the energy solution for tomorrow.  Dr. Art Umble, wastewater practice leader for MWH, discusses algae production and it’s potential to act as an energy source for use in wastewater treatment processes.... read more

Reaching New Heights at San Vicente

As the San Vicente Dam Raise Project nears completion, Glenn S. Tarbox, MWH Dam Practice Leader, Gerard E. Reed III and J. Wade Griffis of the San Diego County Water Authority provide details on the largest raise of a concrete dam in the US and the highest raise using... read more

MWH Receives Highly Commended Award at Power Gen 2013

For the fifth consecutive year, MWH participated in Renewable Energy World – part of Power Gen Europe 2013, one of the most prestigious international exhibitions and conferences in the energy and power generation fields. Chiara Di Silvestro, MWH project engineer based... read more

Seeing the Bigger Picture

By Simon Bimpson, Business Development & Operations Director for MWH Global Many organizations are already seeing the benefits of adjoined-up approach to capital investment by implementing program management. But the techniques used may have more to offer to... read more

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