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The MWH Experience with Will Pearson

Will Pearson is a graduate engineer in the Swinton U.K. office. He joined MWH recently and is currently serving in the Army Reserve.  I was born in Aldershot, England and my Father was a member of the armed forces in the Royal Army Dental Corps.  I didn’t get... read more

The MWH Experience with Phil Preece

Phil Preece is the General Manager of Waste to Energy (W2E) Plant Operations and Maintenance in the Solihull U.K. office. He joined MWH in July and recounts his experience in the Armed Forces .  I was born in a very rural part of Shropshire, deep in the farming... read more

The MWH Experience with Claire Allen

Claire Allen, Commercial Administrator in the Salford, U.K. office. She joined MWH in May of 2013 and recounts her transition from the Armed Forces to working in the private sector.  I was born and raised in Lincoln, England after leaving school I attended Lincoln... read more

MWH Employee Shares his Passion of Engineering and Sailboats

MWH technical director Colin Cumming recently worked with students at the University of Chester’s Faculty of Science and Engineering in the UK to develop and build two prototype versions of a 14 ft general purpose sailboat. The Starlight Project was conceived to... read more

Satisfying work: remote island open for business again

 Yasawa I Rara is the sort of place that springs to mind for people when they imagine a visit to Fiji. Its crystal clear blue waters and white sandy beaches are picture-postcard perfect. And the island, part of a chain to the far north of Nadi, is still almost... read more

A Day in the Life of Melissa James

Meet Melissa James, a summer intern at MWH and civil engineering student entering her final semester at Colorado State University. Melissa spent her summer interning at MWH to get a wide variety of experiences in the water resources aspect in order to figure out... read more