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Utility Transformation – from WWTP to Reuse Facility

Water is a vital resource for desert communities. Without a plentiful supply of groundwater, surface water, or precipitation, all that’s left is recycled or reclaimed water — requiring more thoughtful conservation. MWH Constructors began work on the original Ina... read more

A Challenging Assessment at Ladybower Dam

Pipeline Condition Assessment within dams is essential, but very tricky says Adrian Davies-Jordan, pipelines engineer at MWH, outlining how he and the pipelines team tackled a recent project to survey the pipework in Severn Trent Water’s (STW) 70 year old... read more

Meeting the efficiency challenge

Experts from  MWH in the UK, including Richard Ratcliff and Paul Gedhill, are featured in the NCE Infrastructure Report 2015. They share their knowledge and experience in meeting the efficiency challenge presented by the AMP6 programme in the UK. Read and learn from... read more

Pumping Away Combined Sewer Overflows in Cleveland

Did you know MWH is performing design and construction administration duties for a huge underground pumping station in Cleveland, Ohio? The $73.2 million Easterly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station is a 160mgd deep-cavern pumping station, 240 feet below ground that stores... read more

Craig McMaster Featured in Infrastructure Intelligence

Craig McMaster, U.K. business director for energy, industry and infrastructure  shares his thoughts on the future of energy in two recent Infrastructure Intelligence articles. He discusses the challenges facing the U.K. when it comes to meeting future demands and... read more

Panama Canal Feature of HP Matter Article

The fall transportation issue of HP Matter features a Q&A with Chairman and CEO Alan Krause. The interview titled, “Engineering, Technology and Sustainable Design Intersect at the Panama Canal” focuses on the role of MWH on the project and the global impacts of... read more

Let’s drink to change

Miners have a chance to shine through investment in smart water management Written by Andrew Watson,  mining commercial director, and Resa Furey, principal market analyst The traditional dynamic between mining companies and communities is changing. With the resolution... read more