Response & Recovery

The Last Line of Defense

“Budgets are tight for local authorities across the world but removing essential safety guidance from our roads will only result in more crashes and trauma to our society,” argues Mike Smith, senior road safety engineer at MWH in New Zealand. In the August 2013... read more

Planning a Resilient Christchurch for the Future

The earthquake on 22 February had a devastating effect on Christchurch City’s CBD, historic buildings and entertainment district with over 300 buildings facing demolition. rely damaged transportation infrastructure, and the three urban waters (water supply, wastewater... read more

Effective Winter Maintenance of Transport Networks

The cold blasts that hit New Zealand during July and August have highlighted the winter performance of our highway network again. Numerous roads across both islands were closed during the worst of the weather, causing delays, frustration and extended journeys. Early... read more

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