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Risk Management

Economics of Water Report – 1st Edition

How Communities Can Manage Water Risks and Plan Smarter Communities face a range of daunting water and natural resources challenges, from rampant flooding to devastating droughts to rapidly deteriorating infrastructure. Many of these issues played out in cities... read more

When Odour Control Is Not About Odour At All

MWH experts, Dr.  Ian Evanson, principal process engineer, and Ari Shammay, senior process engineer, teamed up with other odour experts to examine the on-site impacts of odour not only to the people but also to the  infrastructure. Read the entire technical paper,... read more

Flood Mitigation – A Sure Bet Investment

Darrin Punchard, AICP, CFM, principal consultant: Today, in an era of having to do more with less, decision makers at all government levels are seeking low risk and high reward investments of their time and money. When it comes to evaluating the return on investing in... read more

Insights from the ND-GAIN Annual Meeting

Loren Labovitch, director of emerging market growth Early in November, I had the opportunity to speak at the Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index (ND-GAIN) annual meeting in Washington, D.C. The yearly gathering brings together thought leaders from the private, public... read more

A Climate of Change in Flood Risk Management

The late Gilbert F. White, known worldwide as the father of floodplain management, declared in his doctoral dissertation, “Floods are acts of God, but flood losses are largely acts of man.” That was in 1942. More than seven decades later, flood losses continue to... read more

Emergency Water Services Planning for Wellington

The supply of water to Wellington city is extremely vulnerable in a major earthquake. MWH Global was commissioned to investigate alternative water supply arrangements and develop a plan should a major earthquake occur. Presented at Water 2012, (Water New Zealand’s... read more

Wizards of Oz

Ajay Nair and Steffi Johnson are featured in the January edition of Utility Week taking a look at what the UK can learn from the Australian drought experiences. Click here to read. This article was reprinted with permission from Utility Week and may not be reproduced... read more

Our Thought Leaders

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