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China-Africa: The Real Figures

The article below comprises extracts from Policy Brief No. 11/2016 coauthored by Jyhjong Hwang (Senior Research Assistant), Dr Deborah Bräutigam (Director) and Janet Eom (Research Manager), Chinese Africa Research Institute (CARI), John Hopkins School of Advanced... read more

Hydropower to bind East Africa

Power trading on the continent has been scant with most of the energy trading pools on the continent serving as mere tokens of what could be achieved if policymakers took a larger regional or, more importantly, a pan-Africa approach to energy planning. This is despite... read more

MWH Leadership Discusses the Future of U.S. Dams

In a recent edition of International Water Power & Dam Construction, Mike Rogers, MWH Global Dams Practice Leader, tackles the question, “Whether dam size matters and what are the prospects for future construction across the U.S.” “Are the days of constructing... read more

MWH Talks Successful Dam Designs

In the May edition of International Water Power & Dam Construction, MWH North America Dams Practice Leader, Terry Arnold addresses the keys to successful dam designs. “Over the years, I have found one of the most important components is having an integrated staff... read more

The Complexity of Effective Decision Making

Ken Gedman, Director at MWH talks to the Institute of Water about the benefits of balanced decision making for UK water companies to deliver optimum value and services to customers. Ken talks about why he believes it is paramount that water companies balance a range... read more

Climate Science Considered?

There is little evidence suggesting that climate change information is taken into account by governments, the civil sector and private companies in Africa when making critical near, mid and long term investment decisions regarding development strategies, techniques... read more

Building a better system for flood resilience in the UK

​Dr Bruce Horton, Principle Sustainability Consultant at MWH talks to Wet News magazine about the principles we should be using to build a better system for flood resilience in the UK. Globally, diverse weather conditions which in turn can create flooding will... read more

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