Water Management

Mining Magazine Unpacks Water and Tailings Stewardship

Goldcorp’s tailings stewardship program is the subject of a feature article in the  November 2015 issue of Mining Magazine.  MWH employee, Resa Furey, and coauthor  Mike Jacobs, director, water and tailings at Goldcorp, provide insights into the global stewardship... read more

​Intelligent Water Management: Connecting the Drops

Roman Lis, Industrial Intelligent Water Management Practice Leader, MWH Global A manufacturing client of MWH was recently surprised to find out that the water utility company for one of their facilities in California had started charging them a 100% surcharge fee on... read more

A Future Without Waste by Dr. Art Umble

“There is no waste in our future!” That was the declaration of Water Environment Federation (WEF) President Ed McCormick at this year’s “Energy Positive Water Resource Recovery” symposium. Though a terrific challenge to us all, it’s not out of reach if we start... read more

Aquatic Acumen – Mine Water Management

The March issue of International Mining features an article aquatic acumen or water management. The article delves into a number of topics including the growing use of seawater and desalination plants, clean-up of waste waters and recovery of valuable metals and water... read more

A Fine Treat

‘A Fine Treat’  published in the March issue of Mining Magazine examines the reuse of mine-influenced water in mineral processing including the technology, the main challenges, and why the practice is set to keep growing. Dan Dupon, North American Mine Water Treatment... read more

Karst: Mining within a maze

Pat Corser, MWH Canada country manager, was recently quoted in an article discussing Karst in CIM Magazine written by Ian Ewing. Click here to read the full... read more

Are We Paying Enough Attention to Removing Carbon?

Much attention is being given today to the removal of nutrients from wastewaters because of the negative environmental consequences that can result if these are released in excess. Without a doubt, nutrient reduction is an essential component of our national policy on... read more

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