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Workforce Demographic Changes

Bernedo Sanchez Ensures Safety against Mother Nature

Hydrology & Hydraulics Discipline Lead Carmen Bernedo Sanchez is based in the Denver, Colorado (U.S.) office, but she grew up in Peru. She loves international experiences and is happy to travel. Carmen recently explained to STEM Workforce Diversity magazine that... read more

Challenges of Diversity in Mining are Being Addressed

​Resa Furey, principal marketing analyst for MWH, takes a closer look at the legacy and progress of women in mining and how the challenges of diversity are being addressed in two exclusive on-line articles for Mining Magazine. Read “Getting to Grips with Gender... read more

Improving Gender Diversity in Mining

​Resa Furey, market analyst at MWH, has worked in the mining industry for some time and provides a short commentary on the current state of gender diversity within the industry. She offers context for the business case to improve gender diversity and ideas on how some... read more

Data, data everywhere but not a drop to…

“Nearly everything I do these days is measured, quantified and displayed. From the number of steps I walk, my calorie count, the amount of electricity or water I use, the swathes of information my car tells me on fuel consumption and the escalating amount of... read more

Recalibrating Your “Levels of Thinking”

Mac Hodell, global director of management consulting – strategic planning services Consider this hypothetical: Organization X is permanently on defense. Leaders rush from one crisis to the next – triaging, conducting damage control, answering ‘higher’ and repeating.... read more

Compared With What?

MWH technical director Ajay Nair features in the latest edition of Utility Week. In the article ‘Compared with what?’ Ajay shares his thoughts on ‘the art of benchmarking... read more

Imagining Construction’s Future

Big data and information mobility, predictive analytics, geotechnologies and simultaneous design and construction were key topics at ENR’s, “Imagining Construction’s Future” FutureTech conference in New York City. Executives and professionals from Architecture,... read more

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