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MWHThe 2016 cohort of 3rd year participants in the program include a mixture of staff from varying countries in our region ranging from Suva to Brisbane to even Nelson. It also includes a strong representation of the various disciplines we have here at MWH, now part of Stantec. The most recent program recently wrapped up in Auckland, with the participants invited for their final two day learning session and the presentation of their certificates for completion of the program.

While the graduates up skilled in a number of areas and learnt about various topics Elisha Morris a participant in the latest cohort from our Hamilton, New Zealand office said that the biggest takeaway for him from the course was around relationships:

“The biggest learning I took away from the grad program was the importance of relationships. Relationships internally with work colleagues and relationships with clients.  Repeated work is the name of the game in engineering. Repeated work is made possible by the rapport and good track record we have as a company with our clients.”

The MWH Graduate Program takes place in the first 3 years of a graduate’s employment with the company. It is a major component of the company’s strategy to build the long term capability of the business. Attracting talent from universities is one thing, but we also recognize the need to nurture and up-skill our graduates in order to help them transition from Graduates to outstanding professionals and leaders within MWH.

The program is designed to equip each graduate with a foundation of business and technical skills that are required to thrive in this increasingly competitive marketplace. This is achieved through on the job experience, technical training, business skill development and mentoring.

The agenda for the two days included presentations from internal MWH experts on topics such as negotiation, sustainability, risk management, and legal issues. But also the two days also provided a great opportunity for the cohort to network with their fellow graduates from different offices and countries.

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