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New sustainable project: “Eco-Bricks” in Argentina

Since last November, as part of the activities of the YPG (Young Professionals Group) in Argentina, personnel from the Buenos Aires office have joined the movement of several nonprofits to take part in a sustainability initiative: “ECO-BRICKS”.

What is this initiative about?

This campaign consists of collecting discarded plastic bottles and stuffing them with plastic bags and the like, thus creating ecological bricks which can be used to build houses for people in need. The eco-brick is the combination of these two common types of waste we produce at home and in the office. This is not a cumbersome process of recycling, as the products are not transformed but are reused, and only a little attention is needed when putting them together. The eco-brick gives new use to everything put inside the bottle: nylon bags, cellophane and plastic papers and has a clear environmental advantage to help mitigate the plastic waste issue facing the country.

To promote this initiative in the office, some empty plastic bottles have been placed in the kitchen with the purpose of being filled by the employees who are asked to collect daily the plastic bags / wrappings they use in the office or in their homes.

In Argentina, several NGOs use eco-bricks for the construction of houses: they place these eco-bricks inside a wire mesh and then glue them with cement and sand. They can also be used inside wooden structures as a thermal insulation. There are many other purposes for these ecological bricks and there are several organizations in the world that are joining this new ecological way of building. Do you know any in your community?