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Hulland Construction MWH AwardCongratulations to the Hulland Ward team for being recognized as one of the top performing construction sites in the U.K. by the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

The National Site Awards took place at the Lowry on April 14th where the team was awarded with the prestigious Gold Award in recognition of their achievements in raising awareness for Considerate Construction and improving the image of the construction industry.

The team should be proud for their hard work and dedication to performance excellence over the last 18 months. Under the leadership of Adrian Woods, site manager, and Mark Slatcher, project manager, they achieved some of the highest scores in the U.K. construction industry, placing them in the top 7.5 percent.

The standard of presentation and organisation of this site was described by the Considerate Constructors Scheme monitor as being of “industry leading standard throughout.” This was matched by first-class community interaction, with almost 70 individual compliments recorded.

Environmental matters were managed to an exceptional standard and included:

1.     With the small volume of excavated materials donated to a local farmer as fill.

2.     Sound protection was erected around a building to avoid disturbance of nesting bats.

3.     A newly developed cordless cut-off saw was also introduced as part of the continuous improvement drive.

Attention to the health and wellbeing of its workforce included considering gender and diversity issues, healthy lifestyle, training and careers advice, all part of an outstanding performance in terms of improving the image of construction.

Mike Petter, Chairman of Considerate Constructors Scheme, congratulated and thanked the National site awards winners: It is our privilege to reward the efforts of all those involved in projects which set the bar in terms of considerate construction. We never fail to be impressed each year by the high levels of innovation and excellence evidenced throughout the industry.

Each award-winning project serves as a shining example to the industry as to what can be achieved across a range of different sized projects and in all sectors of the industry. My congratulations to all sites that have received a National Site Award.”

This site is a further credit to MWH Treatment, as it demonstrates our commitment to being responsible business and the value our company places on our purpose of Building a Better World.