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MWH 5DMWH, now part of Stantec, launches MWH 5D, a new solution for the visualization of groundwater contaminations, which will forever change the management and the monitoring of soil data, as well as the decision making process for the deployment of remediation budgets. MWH 5D brings together unique 3D visualizations with the dimensions of time and costs, making clear how a groundwater contamination moves over time while at the same time providing information for the optimum utilization of the available budget. Interpretation of soil and groundwater contaminations is usually done in the traditional manner, with a layered representation of the contours of a groundwater contamination at various depths. The relationship between the different soil layers it does not directly distract and calculate volumes of contaminated soil, and associated distribution often remains an estimate. MWH 5D uniquely visualizes soil contaminants, including the soil volumes and load of contaminant, using a three-dimensional interpolation of the various measuring points on the x-, y- and z-coordinates. The output of MWH 5D can be exported to software for modeling of mass transport of contaminants in groundwater and making predictions based on degradation modules (Visual ModFlow). MWH 5DUsing regular periodic recurrence of the monitoring, MWH 5D gives a clear picture of the development of the contamination and the way they spread in the soil and will spread over time. This understanding of time makes it possible to determine whether and how monitoring and remediation projects are continued or terminated. Concurrent with this assessment, a careful substantiation is given to the budgets needed. MWH 5D can be used to calculate costs of different scenarios. This is important not only to reduce the expenditure, it also gives clear insight into the careful rationale for the required reserves and budget. Rik de Visser, Business Line Manager Infrastructure at MWH in the Netherlands: “Making actionable information from large quantities of data is our specialty. MWH 5D is a shining example. We have never before had the opportunity for all parties involved, from technicians to policy makers and local residents, to truly visualize a soil contamination. With MWH 5D we take a huge step forward: a visualization using MWH 5D, makes both making the decisions, as well as explaining them, easier. It really is a new dimension in the management of soil and groundwater data.”

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