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Panama Canal Joe Adams MWHThe work of the global MWH team has caught the eye of the local, Colorado media. Two news stories aired recently featuring MWH staff and their work as the lead designer on Panama Canal’s Third Set of Locks Expansion Project.

The first segment aired Wednesday, May 18th on Denver 7, the Colorado-based ABC station. Reporter Marc Stewart traveled to Panama to produce the segment and discussed in depth the company’s role on this iconic project. This piece also features an interview with President Joe Adams, who commented on what working on the project has meant to him. “For me, this project is like winning the Super Bowl in the afternoon and the Stanley Cup finals in the evening.”  The segment can be viewed here.

The second segment aired Thursday, May 19th on 9 News, the Colorado-based NBC station. This piece features interviews with Colorado-based staff who worked on the project.

Reporter Maya Rodriguez also traveled to Panama where she interviewed John Duque, design manager with the MWH office in Chicago. “I have been working eight years now. It’s a big project, it’s a huge project.” The segment can be viewed here.

Both stations have plans to do follow-up stories on the Panama Canal the week of the opening in late June. Congratulations to all the staff who helped make this iconic project a modern marvel.