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Earth Day MWH


In conjunction with the release of a new Environment and Social Responsibility (ESR) policy in 2015, MWH conducted a gap analysis of the company’s environmental impacts.

This exercise was interesting for Kandarp Patel, who is responsible for management of the 330+ person MWH office in Pune, India.

“When the numbers came out, I was thrilled to see India posted impressive bike usage at 80%,” Kandarp said. “Unfortunately I was dismayed by the amount of disposable dishes and cups our sizeable staff consumed each month.”

The use of disposables has been commonplace in Indian businesses for some time, and the practice has carried cultural connotations about business performance; previously, many thought that businesses who could afford disposables were more successful than those that reused their kitchenware. That perception is luckily now shifting, with Himalayan resort town Manali, for example, banning the use of disposable plates and glasses in March 2016. MWH is helping to move this change along as well, and the Pune office will introduce reusable dishes this Earth Day.

This is one of a number of environmental updates underway in the Pune office.

The Pune team is in talks with several NGOs about an office recycling program and is working with nurseries to introduce greenery into the work environment. These improvements, also launching to coincide with Earth Day, will minimize the impact of our team in Pune, while improving the internal office air quality and morale.

“We’ve been a leader in our building, having conducted independent water and air quality tests to ensure the well-being of our employees,” said Kandarp. “We hope that our efforts around environment and safety will lead other businesses to change their behaviours as well.”

MWH offices around the world are honoring Earth Day in a number of ways. Many are making measurable commitments to increase recycling, reduce plastic bag usage, lower energy consumption and more. Below are images from the technology recycling drive that occurred at our headquarters in Broomfield, CO.