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MWH BeninMWH, now part of Stantec, was contracted by the World Bank to help implement the new 2017-2030 Rural Water Supply (RWS) National Strategy, to assist the Government of Benin in their mission to improve public water supply distribution in rural and small town communities.

The project, which has recently concluded, followed a two-phase process. First, options were examined for ways to enhance the rural population’s current living conditions in relation to water access. The role of MWH was to formulate the various options the government had to sustainably improve water distribution to these communities. To do so, a number of investigative measures were explored, including:

  • running a socio-cultural Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) survey to gauge the validity of our proposals
  • conducting interviews and focus groups with various stakeholders at the central, devolved, communal levels, and with partners, CSOs, the private sector, and related associations
  • laying out the proposal for reform and strategic options that the government of Benin could then implement.

The second phase of the project consisted of finalizing the national RWS strategy and providing an action plan and monitoring-evaluation mechanism that would span the full 2017-2030 timeframe. For this, MWH reviewed current practices to uncover where systems were lagging to deliver the appropriate water levels. Additionally, the implementation of the new strategy was evaluated to find avenues for improvement, a national validation workshop was organized, and the finalized plan was presented to the National Water Council for approval and dissemination.

“We are happy to have had this opportunity to apply our expertise in order to help better the lives of people in remote communities. This is an excellent initiative, and we are proud to have helped the Benin government make positive strides towards an improved water distribution system,” says Christophe Leroy, Operations Director for the Belgian operation.