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MWH TreatmentMWH Treatment (MWHT) held a Carbon Supply Chain Event at the Soapworks office in the UK at the back end of 2016 to highlight the importance of carbon reduction within the water infrastructure sector. Holding the event also enabled MWH Treatment to meet one of the Green Construction Board’s pledges which were established after MWHT became a signatory in May 2015.

MWH Treatment invited external supply chain members from various industries and key employees to the event with an aim to bring all stakeholders together to explore and discuss the effects of carbon and how we can collectively drive lower carbon solutions. It is no use just one part of the supply chain lowering their carbon footprint, it must be a collaborative effort so events such as this enables great collaborative and productive solutions.

With presentations from both MWH employees and key suppliers, Q&A sessions and a roundtable discussion where ideas and innovations were presented from the attendees, there was plenty to take away from what was a hugely successful day. Furthermore, four different breakout sessions were held which enabled interactive discussion around four key topic areas including: organisational carbon footprinting, product carbon footprinting, Energy Management Systems and carbon in plant and equipment.

The key element was to get everyone talking about the importance of a focus on carbon remission, which hopefully then translates into a collaborative effort to embed carbon reduction throughout the supply chain.

Catherine Price, MWHT National Environment and Sustainability Manager, said, “This is key in demonstrating that MWH as a business is taking the reduction of carbon seriously and will be embedding it within business process and the supply chain.”

Since signing the Green Construction Board pledge last year MWH Treatment has worked hard to ensure that reducing carbon has been a key aspiration across the organisation. Tom Standring was appointed as a main board member responsible to drive the carbon reduction agenda and in 2015 we achieved a significant 5.53% reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions, which was certified by CEMARS.

Additionally, through working closely with fleet suppliers we have improved driver efficiency, increased the use of Skype and held more virtual meetings to reduce mileage, moved to the energy efficient Soapworks head office and are incorporating environmentally friendly features as part of our site cabin specifications. A Sustainability in Design training scheme is to be rolled out in the New Year, to enable designers to embed carbon reduction on all major projects from the outset.

MWH Treatment have set themselves a key reduction target to reduce carbon emissions by 12% per £million turnover by 2019 against a three year average baseline (2012-2014), this equates to an annual 2.5% per year in emissions which has already been exceeded in 2015. This will require everyone to collaborate to help achieve that goal, so think about the environment and collectively try to reduce our carbon footprint.