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Emanuala Sturniolo MWHWe are delighted to announce the appointment of Emanuela Sturniolo as the new Managing Director of the MWH in Italy.

During her 20 years with MWH, Emanuela has fulfilled a variety of technical and managerial roles, showing a unique versatility and a deep knowledge of the company, the sectors in which it operates and its clients. More recently, since 2009, she has covered the role of Operations Manager of the Italian Operations and has been a member of the Italian Board since 2013.

Emanuela holds a Master’s Degree in Geology and has a strong background in program and project management, having also covered the role of Senior Project Manager over the last six years. She has frequently worked at an international level and has successfully completed the MWH Inspirational Leadership course. Emanuela lives in Milan with her family and spends most of her spare time sailing and traveling.

“I am very pleased that Emanuela has accepted this position and I am confident that she will bring all the skills and the vision needed for this role. Emanuela has developed most of her career within MWH and has always been recognized as an effective leader. We should be proud of being able to grow such successful leaders within the company,” said Joe Adams, president of energy and industry for MWH.