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Mike Newbery discusses the role of MWH

Mike Newbery, Executive Director for the Expansion project, knows the Panama Canal like most of us know our names. He has been talking with Business Insider about the extraordinary challenges of the Canal expansion and the efforts that went into completing it.

Mike Newbery MWH Global

Mike Newbery

“… finding the right concrete formula to withstand a century of seismic activity and corrosive salt water was a huge engineering hurdle,”

“Each lock has two gates at either side. That redundancy is part of the reason the designers can promise the required level of reliability of the system, a level which Newbery claimed is rarely surpassed in civil engineering projects of almost any kind”

“I mean literally: the best experts in the world were all brought by either the Panama Canal Authority, ourselves, or our client,” Newbery said.

The Canal expansion and the role MWH and its global partners played in getting this maritime icon ready for its June 26th debut can never be told enough. This article highlights the impressive accomplishments of our global team that brought this project to fruition.

Panama Canal Gates