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On December 7th 2016, the official award ceremony of the Turkey Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (TurSEFF) took place in Istanbul. At the ceremony, the best small-scale energy efficiency and renewable energy projects financed through the second phase of the TurSEFF programme, were celebrated in recognition of their success. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) launched TurSEFF in 2010 with the aim of providing financing to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) for their sustainable energy projects. In its six years of operation, €456.7 million of funds have been disbursed to sustainable energy projects mainly in the energy, textile, tourism, plastics and food & beverage sectors.

TurSEFF is part of the SEFF (Sustainable Energy Financing facility) initiative of the EBRD and is aimed at financing such projects through establishing partnerships with local banks. Besides directing finance towards investments that result in efficient use of energy and resources, SEFFs also provide stakeholders with a project implementation team, comprised of local and international experts. MWH, the project consultant for TurSEFF since its launch in 2010, provides technical assistance to facility stakeholders, ranging from local Turkish banks to SMEs in the country. Through the facility, MWH has been directly involved in abating 2 million tons of CO2 equivalent emissions and increasing the renewable energy installed capacity in Turkey by almost 400 MW in the last 6 years. About half of the renewable energy investments in the facility were solar photovoltaic power plants and TurSEFF added about 200MW to the solar portfolio of Turkey which has a total installed capacity of approximately 850MW as of now. The facility has also been supported by the European Union and Republic of Turkey Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

Murat_Sarioglu_Turseff_speech_528x353Murat Sarioglu, MWH Turkey Operations Director: “When we look back at these 6 years of operations, we see that we have made a great impact on the sustainable energy finance market in Turkey. Through our marketing, policy dialogue, capacity building and technical assessment activities we did not only make projects come alive but also raised the awareness level of sustainability in the country and created a sustainable financing mechanism for our partner banks. I congratulate all banks and investors who were awarded with the awards and hope to see such investments continue in the future.”