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MWH water ripplesUS Water Alliance releases One Water roadmap

MWH, now part of Stantec, was a technical reviewer for the document.

This week, the US Water Alliance released a long-awaited publication for which MWH served as a reviewer. “One Water Roadmap: The Sustainable Management of Life’s Most Essential Resource” is a report intended to serve as a guide to tackle the United States’ most pressing water challenges.

The 40-page document contains real-world examples which make a compelling argument for what is being called the “One Water” approach. The hallmarks of One Water are:

  • A mindset that all water has value;
  • A focus on achieving multiple benefits;
  • A systems approach;
  • Watershed-scale thinking and action;
  • Right-sized solutions;
  • Partnerships for progress;
  • Inclusion and engagement of all.

You can view and download the report at the US Water Alliance website.