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Products & Spares

Our portfolio of treatment processes is amongst the most comprehensive in the industry.

Designed to protect fine screens and pumps and other expensive equipment from large solid objects. Our range of RBIs extend up to 3.5m wide and 6.0m in depth with a choice of bar spacing.

Our range of grit removal equipment consists of cross flow detritors up to 12.0m dia, traveling grit dredgers and combined grit and grease removal. In addition to grit removal products there is a choice of grit classification units of the reciprocating rake type and the screw classifier type.

Our total surface aeration capability is unrivaled in the industry and consists of:

  • Vertical Shaft Type
  • TMA – Turbine Mixer Aerator
  • SA – Simplex Aerator providing 1.8kgO2Kwhr
  • Horizontal Rotor Type
  • Mini Rotor
  • Midi Rotor
  • Maxi Rotor

offering up to 9.0kgO2m Length of rotorHr

We manufacture a complete range of settlement tank scrapers to suit any tank profile, which are designed to collect and remove any type of sludge.

The scraper range consists of:

  • Rotating Half Bridge Scrapers up to 40.0m dia
  • Rotating Full Bridge Scrapers up to 45.0m dia
  • Fixed Bridge Scrapers up to 40.0m dia
  • Picket Fence Thickeners up to 16.0m dia
  • Rectangular Tank Scrapers up to 25.0m wide

We have a compact plant system based on the oxidation ditch principle. The compact plant is suitable for 500 – 10,000 p.e

We have the U.K. license for the Finnchain Flight scraper system. MWH Treatment have over 20 U.K. references.

Our dedicated Spares Department can supply equipment spares for all MWH Treatment, Biwater, Ames Crosta, Whitehead & Poole and Farrer equipment.

Mohammed Ibrahim

Proposal Manager

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Dave Woodward

Senior Spares Controller

Gregge Street
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