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Water Treatment

Effective water stewardship often involves the effective implementation of a wide range of technologies to improve efficiency, protect the environment and minimize risk. As advances in mine water treatment technology continue to improve, reduced capital and operating costs have allowed application of this technology as a mine water management tool to become commercially viable.

MWH, now part of Stantec, can determine integrated water management options and adaptive wastewater treatment solutions, and permit, design, construct, start-up, and optimize a management/treatment system based on the unique factors of each site.  We offer an unbiased approach to determining which treatment processes and technologies are most effective for a given project, and work with the appropriate vendors on behalf of our client. MWH applies adaptive approaches, when necessary, for phasing the system to meet the treatment requirements at a given time while considering future requirements and changes to the system.

MWH mine water treatment specialists bring the skills and expertise to protect and sustain water supplies, effectively treat a range of mine water and, when possible, reuse or recycle the water in the benefaction process. We employ our understanding of hydrometallurgy to design treatment systems that allow optimized reuse of process water to reduce makeup demand.

Service highlights include the following:

  • Treatability studies
  • Design and execution of pilot scale studies
  • Engineering design and construction
  • Plant commissioning
  • Debottlenecking and process optimization
  • Water use audits

Water and wastewater treatment (active and passive)

Providing water to operations that is fit for purpose is critical to profitability. Sourcing this water in a way that is reliable and consistent secures this resource for continued use. Sometimes this water can be obtained and treated in a manner that requires limited operator intervention. At other times, it may be necessary to employ treatment systems that require a more hands-on approach. MWH can recommend solutions that are appropriate for the water needs of a site while also being tailored to the operational constraints of an area.

MWH has a long history of conventional treatment expertise. From sedimentation to filtration, MWH has designed systems of every type and capacity.

MWH has been a pioneer in advanced treatment techniques. MWH designed some of the first facilities designed to use membranes for treatment. Our Advanced Research Division is at the forefront of water treatment development, identifying new methods useful for treatment of water and improving extraction efficiency.

MWH has also worked to pioneer new techniques to treat metal and sulfate laden water using biological methods. These methods allow reduced chemical consumption and improved economics for treatment.

  • Evaluation of alternative tailing disposal technologies and schemes
  • Pilot scale test work and material characterization