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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Design ServicesMWH, now part of Stantec, scientists and engineers deliver quality and innovation to the oil and gas industry. Our natural resources engineering expertise extends throughout the practices, processes and requirements of the industry. It spans exploration and production; transmission and storage; processing; refining and retail operations. Additionally, we understand all aspects of industry-specific environmental compliance requirements and remediation programs. Capitalizing on our wet infrastructure leadership, MWH provides comprehensive produced water management, compliance and environmental water and wastewater treatment services.

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Regulatory Requirements, Planning and Permitting

The MWH team can help gain regulatory and stakeholder acceptance of new developments and bring complex projects to successful completion through regulatory, environmental planning and assessment, and permitting services including:

  • Expertise in local, state and international regulatory requirements
  • Surface and subsurface site investigations and risk assessments
  • Permitting for NPDES discharge and underground injection
  • Public outreach
  • Sustainability planning
  • Compliance, due diligence and management systems audit
  • Land use, siting studies and resource management


Environmental Engineering Services

Our commitment to Building a Better World is a commitment to sustainable solutions and environmental considerations while working with the earth’s precious natural resources. Our environmental services include:

  • Oilfield water management
  • Water quality evaluation and treatment
  • Water resource development and supply
  • Environmental permitting and compliance
  • Ecology and natural resources management
  • Water quality investigations
  • Site investigations
  • Remediation and closure
  • Water resource development and supply


Produced Water Management, Storage, Transmission and Treatment

MWH is a recognized leader in industrial water and wastewater management, tailoring this expertise to services for produced water and frac flowback, including:

  • Treatment
  • Hydrocarbon and solids removal
  • Soluble organics removal
  • Dissolved salts removal
  • Emerging technologies
  • Disposal options
  • Land application
  • Evaporation
  • Injection wells
  • Beneficial use and surface discharge


Preliminary and Detailed Design

Our expert, multi-disciplinary design team has a proven reputation for innovative, quality oil and gas project design including:

  • In-situ and ex-situ water treatment systems Hydraulic and hydrology analysis and design
  • Civil, geotechnical, electrical and mechanical engineering and design
  • Site engineering
Health and Safety

MWH ensures health and safety, risk prevention, and environmental protection on industrial and construction sites by typically fulfilling:

  • Health & Safety coordination
  • Construction supervision
  • HSE auditing
  • Risk assessment and hazard identification

We do our best to help the client manage priorities, responsibilities and risk identification, to train and inform site workers, as well as to merge these aspects in effective management systems.

Construction and Construction Management

We offer a full range of high-value, “start-to-finish” pre-construction, construction and construction management services.

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Asset and Program Management

Our comprehensive asset and program management allows for sustained operating performance, ensuring the optimal use of capital and resources.

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