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Water Reuse

World Water Day MWHCreating a New Source of Water

With ever-increasing demands made upon the world’s water supplies and the upward spiraling cost of water, it is becoming increasingly viable to recycle water. MWH, now part of Stantec, is leading the industry with expertise in indirect and direct potable reuse to help communities stretch their water resources. Our innovative solutions have proven to be an effective means of water treatment for municipalities around the world. Join us in a move toward greater implementation of water reuse.

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Engaging Stakeholders

A well-executed plan for engaging stakeholders can be the key to success in building a broad base of support for capturing alternative water sources such as reclaimed water.

Guiding Regulatory Development

By seamlessly integrating technical and regulatory capabilities, we lead the industry in supporting development of guidance and regulations for water reuse.

Planning and Integration

We help our clients integrate the technical, financial, regulatory, social, and environmental aspects of water reuse into long-term water resources planning and near-term project implementation.

Designing Cutting-Edge Treatment

We have unsurpassed experience in modeling, planning, design and optimization of some of the world’s largest and most advanced water reclamation systems.

Construction and Construction Management

Our full range of alternative delivery methods and multi-disciplinary teams of professionals are tailored to fit client needs for successful project outcomes.

Researching Disruptive Technologies

We conduct major multi-year investigations, as well as short-turnaround studies, to aid in development of innovative and sustainable solutions to water challenges.

Meet our MWH Water Resuse Experts

Dr. Kati Bell

Dr. Kati Bell

Global Water Reuse Practice Leader

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Dr. Allegra da Silva

Dr. Allegra da Silva

Supervising Engineer, Americas Region

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