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Environmental, Health & Safety Management

Environmental Engineering CompanyEnvironmental Planning and Assessment

MWH, now part of Stantec, helps clients navigate through the maze of complex regulatory challenges by providing detailed environmental impact assessments that quickly identify and refine alternative solutions.  We provide rigorous environmental risk assessments, environmental monitoring, ecological assessments, remedial investigations and feasibility studies to identify and evaluate options and validate mitigation strategies.

We have a proven track record in partnering with our clients to create and maintain a cooperative working environment with regulators to ensure ongoing compliance and facilitate waste management, pollution control and cost-effective closures.

MWH helps create and shape sustainable communities through urban design assessments and research, stakeholder engagement plans, growth management strategies, plan reviews, policy development, identification of infrastructural needs investments and land use responses.

Environmental, Health and Safety Services

MWH provides environmental, health and safety (EHS) management services to assist clients through each stage of their business lifecycle. We routinely support our clients in issues related to EHS due diligence, compliance assurance, contaminated land, water conservation, climate change, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

MWH supports clients throughout each stage of the business life cycle:

Environment Health and Safety

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Corporate Governance

From renewable energy projects to water treatment projects, MWH experts provide technical and consulting services to define, track and meet our client’s corporate governance and sustainable infrastructure goals, with services including:

Acquisition and New Construction

MWH supports quick and efficient business acquisitions by:

  • Understanding the business aspects driving the transaction, and then carefully following the client’s due diligence policies and procedures to provide the information needed for optimal decision making.
  • Identifying EHS liabilities and developing solutions for clients to manage the liabilities
  • Providing responsive staff with a “sense of urgency” and who understand the time-critical and confidential nature of business transactions.
  • Integrating EHS into new facility design, supporting safe facility construction in compliance with environmental requirements, and measuring EHS performance during commissioning and startup.
EHS Integration

MWH can help with the considerable effort needed for successful Integration of a new business unit. MWH can help by:

  • Providing program managers, procurement specialists, schedulers, and/or EHS professionals on a short or long term basis to facilitate integration.
  • Working side-by-side with the employees of the newly acquired entity to help them successfully integrate into their new business culture while closing out compliance liabilities and implementing best management practices.


EHS Operational Improvement

 During facility operations, MWH delivers a unified EHS practice including:

  • Providing process mapping and hazard analysis, EHS procedures development and training, and compliance support.
  • Developing procedures and training for waste characterization, handling and disposal.
  • Performing energy efficiency studies to reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reducing water use and treatment costs, reducing water-related energy costs and lowered
  • Water discharge fees.



We offer a structured, logical approach to cost-effective and safe facility closure including:

  • Understanding business objectives, property value, marketability, potential future use and land restrictions.
  • Using decision-risk tools and probabilistic cost estimating software to develop a cost range of EHS liabilities based upon potential trigger events.
  • Decontaminating and demolishing structures in a safe, cost-effective manner to facilitate redevelopment while managing long-term liabilities.
  • Managing project risk and cost uncertainties while developing technically defensible, cost-effective remedial solutions.
  • Developing and implementing innovative remediation approaches using a variety of technologies.

Read our Environmental Services brochure to learn more.

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