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Organizations around the world are facing increasing pressure to deliver high quality service at affordable rates. Additionally, these organizations are working to find more efficient ways to gather and analyze data in order to quickly respond to customer challenges, improve operational efficiency and streamline organizational processes.

To help clients address these challenges, MWH offers mTOOLS™ Hosted Solutions to allow utility and organizational teams to do less labor intensive and more consistent data collection using mobile devices. Using a secure hosted website, mTOOLS™ software allows for real time collaborative data analysis and automated data reporting to support fast, high quality business decisions.

mTOOLS™ Hosted Solutions automate and improve all aspects of:

  • Data collection – in the field, connected to the Internet or offline, gathering data, photos and GPS location on iPads or iPhones with automatic upload to a cloud-based collaborative website.
  • Data analysis – automated organization and integration of collected field data from multiple sources and locations, pulled together for real-time analysis with powerful mTOOLS™ web parts that map information to the mTOOLS™ collaborative secure website.
  • Data reporting – one-click automated report generation, combining collected data and photos in configurable layouts using familiar electronic formats like Word, Excel and PDF.

Easy to use mTOOLS™ Hosted Solutions are rapidly configured by MWH staff to meet project and customer specific requirements in a wide variety of specific business applications, such as:

  • Program Governance
  • Asset Condition Assessments
  • Mine Site Rehabilitation, Remediation and Closure
  • Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Audits
  • Dam Safety Inspections
  • Wildlife and Vegetation Investigations

mTOOLS™ Hosted Solutions are built with mTOOLS™ software components created by MWH, turning our global expertise and know-how into software tools. With a high-speed delivery approach that follows the cloud-hosted, subscription model, startup times are shortened, complexity is eliminated and upfront costs are minimized.