Unlocking Data to Achieve Smarter Outcomes

Written by Mike Flatters, New Initiatives and Innovation Manager at MWH Global. Effective infrastructure management relies on making sound evidence based decisions. Decision makers need access to the right information or data, in the right format, at the right time so... read more

Aquatic Acumen – Mine Water Management

The March issue of International Mining features an article aquatic acumen or water management. The article delves into a number of topics including the growing use of seawater and desalination plants, clean-up of waste waters and recovery of valuable metals and water... read more

Design for Assembly

Andrew Collett, Senior Design Manager at MWH in the UK, says “Our industry is changing and we need to adapt and innovate to create a new framework for efficient delivery.”  He predicts that within two – five years digital tools and techniques... read more

A Fine Treat

‘A Fine Treat’  published in the March issue of Mining Magazine examines the reuse of mine-influenced water in mineral processing including the technology, the main challenges, and why the practice is set to keep growing. Dan Dupon, North American Mine Water Treatment... read more

Flood Preparedness is Increasing but at Variable Rates

With growing public awareness of climate change and flood events, Dr Chris Digman of MWH talks to Infrastructure Intelligence about U.K. preparedness for flooding. “Transferring and sharing knowledge, data and information between sectors will be vital and much... read more

Data, data everywhere but not a drop to…

“Nearly everything I do these days is measured, quantified and displayed. From the number of steps I walk, my calorie count, the amount of electricity or water I use, the swathes of information my car tells me on fuel consumption and the escalating amount of... read more

Finally! Financial Benchmarks that Make a Difference

Jason Mumm, global director of financial, commercial and risk services: If you are a Fortune 500 company – or indeed any publicly traded firm – and want to know how your enterprise is performing relative to your industry, it’s a simple matter of dialing up... read more

Flood Mitigation – A Sure Bet Investment

Darrin Punchard, AICP, CFM, principal consultant: Today, in an era of having to do more with less, decision makers at all government levels are seeking low risk and high reward investments of their time and money. When it comes to evaluating the return on investing in... read more