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Wizards of Oz

02/13/2013 Ajay Nair and Steffi Johnson are featured in the January edition of Utility Week taking a look at what the UK can learn from the Australian drought experiences… Read More…

Austin WTP4 on Track to Meet City’s Growth and Water Needs

02/18/2013 After gathering details and checking facts, we’re pleased to present an infographic to illustrate more about WTP4 story… Read More…

Smart People. Smart Solutions. ‘Science and Research’ by Dr. Joe Jacangelo

02/06/2013 Discusses how a centralized in-house research group allows MWH to provide the most innovative, environmentally sound, and future-focused solutions for our client… Read More…

Make Big Data Work to your Advantage

03/12/2013 It’s a data-filled world: when we make a purchase, switch on a light or simply turn on a tap, we leave a data trail in our wake.… Read More…

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