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Flood_risk_management_article_websmall​Dr Bruce Horton, Principle Sustainability Consultant at MWH talks to Wet News magazine about the principles we should be using to build a better system for flood resilience in the UK.

Globally, diverse weather conditions which in turn can create flooding will continue to affect our lives. The impacts of flooding are well known, albeit difficult to estimate. They include risk to life, damage to property, distress and anxiety, environmental damage, disruption to families, communities, infrastructure, and to the economy.

Last winter’s floods experienced in the UK are expected to cost over $6.8bn. The majority of funding for flood risk management goes on flood defences, rather than increasing our general resilience against flooding. Dr Bruce Horton, Principle Sustainability Consultant at MWH recently shared his thoughts with Wet News magazine and explained why he thinks we should revise the current funding regime to incentivise more sustainable approaches to flood resilience.

Read the full article published by Wet News magazine May Edition here.